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Dreams: The Seeds of Innovations

Our Mission

To use the accumulated knowledge of the “Think Take” to evaluate and, in some cases, allow a forgotten and/or unfulfilled dream to be reenergized and, if possible, brought to its full potential.

Many strive to stay “within the box” and use the conventional, tried and safe, approach to tackling any new venture while the bold will take the opposite approach and become chance-takers and conceive new avenues of success by daring to “think outside the box”. These are the true innovators and entrepreneurs that reduce the competitive field by the utilization of these newly conceived, designed, daring and bold techniques. These individuals are driven by a desire to succeed and accept failure of the first attempts as merely a prelude to the ultimate finalization of success.

What We Do

Is there a lesson to be learned from all of this? Does fear cause some to doubt while others boldly embrace any and all challenges? How do you incorporate a new sense of determinate drive into these potential innovators of tomorrow, today? There is an answer. There is currently a “Think Tank” of individuals, with varying degrees of expertise, that have joined forces to evaluate and, perhaps, be of assistance in taking forgotten dreams, and/or aspirations, and bringing them to fruition. Of course, the bazaar and perhaps ludicrous will always need to be eliminated from grounded promising ventures where valuable time spent will prove to be fruitful for all parties concerned.


We always maximize our resources utilizing current innovations to bring your acceptable, viable ideas to reality.


Taking the time necessary to fully understand the best avenue to proceed to create the most beneficial outcome.

On Time

Evaluations will be performed in a timely manner with either acceptance or denial based on analytical standards.

Cutting Edge

Utilization of new, revolutionary ideas and the desire to break from traditional thinking, will make for a mutually beneficial conclusion.


Over-rated term if innovations implemented do not result in bringing ideas to fruition.


Our diverse backgrounds afford us the ability to see things from a number of different perspectives.


We always perform our projects with the utmost quality and integrity.

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Meet the Team

In order to reach the desired goals embraced, for all mutually agreed ideas and\or innovations, the combined expert knowledge of this team will be utilized to ensure a comprehensive, yet dignified approach to success.  A brief history of the "Think Tank" members, though diverse, at this point is felt to be apropos.

John Wasik

John has spent the better part of 30 years as a Financial Consultant, specializing in Mergers and Acquisitions on a specialty base.  Many individuals have experienced vast financial status changes and none, to this date, have experienced a reversal of fortune.  He has revitalized a company that was lingering on bankruptcy and through innovative techniques, increased revenue by a factor of 20 and employment by a factor of 10.

Jack Brannon

Jack has spent over 55 years in the High Technology Industry.  With a pioneering spirit and through many years of innovative techniques a full service PC distribution network was conceived and with this success, he's helped guide other U.S. distributors to phenomenal growth within the restricted regional areas. His company was recognized my INC Magazines' INC 500 list as the 27th fastest growing private company in the U.S.

Charles Colemon

Charles has spent over 20 years in the field of Graphic Design, implementing web and print advertising campaigns for use on all social media platforms.  At an early age, he was successful in the creation of an  internet/print magazine that catered to the independent music industry, where he also created numerous graphic pieces for artists and independent record labels.  These strategic ad and promotional pieces insured a reliable customer base for years.

Frank baia

Frank has over 40 years in the advertising industry.  When dreams are talked about, look no further than this member.  His history includes Advertising Executive, owner and founder of a medium sized Advertising Agency, newspaper publisher, and event producer with TAG (Technology Association of Georgia) along with being the co-founder and marketing executive of numerous publications and podcasts.

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All submissions remain the property of the originator. Accepted submissions, that show promise, will only be considered for further evaluation upon the mutual consent from all parties concerned.